Touramulla Organic tea is grown in a part of the Indian Western Ghats that is historically known for gold mines and is surrounded by lush green untouched, pristine tropical forests teaming with wild life. The malabar flying squirrel with its rust coloured handsome puffy tail, gliding from tree to tree is a common sight in this area. TMO tea also borders the edakkal caves believed to be 3000 to 7000 years old, once abode to the Neolithic man and a delight to historians and archeologists worldwide.

TMO tea has been awarded the Swiss and Indian IMO certification for organic agricultural production , processing and marketing, which also conforms to the EU, USA and Japan quality standards.

TMO tea is a product of a unique combination of sustainable agricultural practices. Enjoy this organic tea and imbibe all the health benefits that it guarantees to deliver.

A born soother, with a brisk character, from a gold miner’s paradise.

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